jackpot winners
kab5025 won a massive $3,000 bingo jackpot on May 9th

wildspirit won bingo jackpot $1,525.23 on May 10th!

Debnbas won bingo jackpot $2,286.71 on May 19th!

caller won bingo jackpot $2,041.48 on May 25th!

Grylsxybl2000 won $2,686.50 bingo jackpot on June 26th!

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Terms & Conditions

Bingo Bonus Bucks (BBBs) are bonus credits given either on deposits or through special games. They are playable but not redeemable;

First are played cash credits, then BBBs;

Deposit BBBs apply to deposits of $20 and above;

BBBs given on deposits are always playable;

The cash and BBBs part of the credits can be seen at any time by moving the mouse pointer over the credits amount;

A maximum of 200% BBBs on deposits can be credited to an account at any one timeAll BBBs over this amount go in Bonus Bank. They are released accordingly with further deposits. For example: a player deposits $20The received BBBs are $20If we imagine that from chat games $30 BBBs are won, then $20 of them will go to player credits and the remaining $10 will go to Bonus BankIf then the player deposits another $10 the received BBBs are $10 and $10 from the Bonus Bank are released;

Upon cash out (min $50), ALL BBBs are withdrawn regardless of amount and regardless of method aquired;

The free bingo games always pay BBBsThey will stay in Bonus Bank until the account is funded with real cash;

The BBBs bets contribution in the prize and jackpot of the next game is less than the cash betsThis means the more players using cash to play - the bigger the prize and jackpot increase will be;

Only accounts funded with real cash can make a withdrawal request

Bonus Bank Exchange

Now you can exchange your Bonus Bank dollars into gifts or gift certificates and buy whatever you choose online!

The way it works is that you can exchange your bonuses on the 15th of each month for gifts or gift certificates as follows:

$50 in Bonus Bank = A mug or a T-shirt
$500 in Bonus Bank = Gift certificate worth $20
$1000 in Bonus Bank = Gift certificate worth $40
$1500 in Bonus Bank = Gift certificate worth $60
$2000 in Bonus Bank = Gift certificate worth $80

Exchanges can be done only once per month. For example if you have $3,000 in your bonus bank, the maximum amount that can be exchanged in one month is $2,000 and the remaining $1,000 can be exchanged the following month.

Make sure your exchange requests are sent on the 15th of each month to louis@bingoentertainment.com and your gift will be sent by mail or your gift certificate will be sent by email. Gift certificates will come from online merchants such as Amazon.com and others.

Exchanges are done once per month on the 15th. If the 15th falls on a weekend, please allow until the following week for your exchange to be processed.


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