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3 Reel $114,786.64

4 Reel $18,549.47

5 Reel $12,035.48


Video Poker

  For those of you who are new to bingo, here are some of the most common terms you need to know and some basic rules:


This is a pattern where you must cover all numbers on the card to win.


This is the person who calls out the numbers.

Chat room

You will see the chat room in the bottom left corner of the screen. You can switch between the chat room and our slots at any time even during play by making the appropriate selection. This is a good place to make new bingo freinds and also see how other players are fairing.

Free space

This is always the middle square of the card and if included in the current pattern counts towards your winning numbers.


The jackpot is our largest prize for the game in question and is awarded when you make the pattern within the specified number of balls, refered to on your screen as "balls to jackpot".


You only need the numbers that form the pattern found at the top right monitor of your screen to win the game. If you manage to do this within the designated balls to jackpot then you win the jackpot prize. If not then you win the prize in question. If there are more than one winners, then the prize is divided equally.


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